Automatic CNC Sheet Feeding Press S-B23E+S-B86B+S-B85SB


Product Info

This CNC sheet feeding press equipped with four axis synchronized movement is suitable for tin or aluminum end stamping。 Linear motors and PLC control system are incorporated. Programmable integrated sheet take-over system can get precise sheet feeding。 Besides, a reliable Human Machine Interface touchable screen is introduced as a main control unit for data calculation, transmission and display.
*Press model S-B85A single crankshaft with double action is also available to make the cutting burr stay at the inner side of the curl。 This can avoid the scratch on the end seaming panel while ends are piled up during transportation.

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Specification / Features


  1. A reliable Human Machine Interface touchable screen is introduced as a main control unit.
  2. Movement orbit generate and download automatically, easy for different end size parameters set up.
  3. With reliable European linear motors to reduce the inertia at high speed.
  4. Equipped with sensors to detect if the clips certainly clip the sheet.
  5. Multiple safety control; for example,machine stop for low air pressure、lack of oil、jam at exit。Moreover,safety range detection on each axis is equipped.
  6. Equipped with air brake clutch, safe and reliable.
  7. Tooling with pillar die set can be easily pushed into via rollers buried on bolster.
  8. End ejection is controlled by electronic cam adjustment to avoid double punch.
  9. Crankshaft is located at lower mainframe, bushes on crankshaft are properly lubricated by an automatic oil pump; besides, oil tube block detection is incorporated.
  10. Four sets (S-B85A) of air cushion cylinders located at press upper side to balance the weight of rams and toolings.
  11. Suitable for square or pre-scrolled tin /aluminum sheet, can be straight side or pre-scrolled side head into tooling.