Mr. Y Lin started Shin-I Machinery Works in Changhwa with his meager investment of NT$ 60,000 (around US$ 1,500). With 6 employees on 59 square meters, this factory managed to produce punching dies and semi-auto can making machines, as well as mushroom processing machines. Annual production 80 sets.
Shin-I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. established in Chingshui, Taichung with an increased capital of NT$ 230,000. Factory space expanded to 350 square meters and employment increased to 50. Developed into producing automatic can making machinery with capacity 120 cans per minute to meet the demand of users both at home and abroad in the field.
In cooperation with Provincial Shalu Senior Technical School, selected 40 students for 3-year on-job training.
Targeted for expanding market in Europe. Capital enlarged to NT$ 25 million and factory space expanded to 10,900 square meters. Employment grown to 250. Newest techniques were adopted. More strictly production control system was preformed. Striving for the progress on production skills and increasing production capacities up to 350 cans per minute. Annual production 650 sets.
Stressing production control and quality control to assure our products all of high quality standard. Business activities overall enlarged and expanded its sales channel in to the United States and European Market. A new subsidiary was established in March, namely FONG YIH MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. With NT$ 20 millon capital, 100 employees, on 3,300 square meters factory space.
Modernized production equipment and facilities, Making best effort to develop high speed automatic can making machinery into a new level of 450 cpm. High speed automatic lining-drying machine and automatic vacuum syruper with 360 cpm have been developed. Annual production about 750 sets.
To meet the demand of sophisticated technology of food packaging, our multi-necking machine has been developed. Our success not only saves a lot of foreign exchange for our country but also raises our reputation in beverage packaging field worldwide. To make more precise machines and to ensure the quality of Shin-I Products, we purchased several new precision equipments and QC machines, including three dimensional coordinate measuring machine.
To improve our Designing Department, we purchase high technical IBM MICRO CADAM computer.
The can making machinery with 800 cpm have been developed, the liquid filler combined with seamier also reach 1200 cpm high speed.
To satisfy customer's requirement of high quality machinery, our capital further increased to NT$ 120 million for the purpose of adopting 3-D computer design devices to strengthen our design capability. Quintuple necking as well as quadruple necking with beading machines are then created to meet can making industry requirement. Moreover, to satisfy the demand for quality control, we apply for ISO9001 Quality System Certificate on March. With the great effort, we are finally qualified on July.
To satisfy customer's high-speed requirements, we successfully develope high-speed end making system with speed up to 1200 epm.
To satisfy customer's requirement of shaped cans, we successfully develape high-speed combination machine with shaper and spin flanger included. CE safety requlation has been incorporated for European market as customer's request.
To satisfy different demand for food packing in the market, we cooperate with JK SOMME Spain to successfully develop automatic irregular can (vacuum) seamer, export them to western countries with get excellent reputation. Besides, automatic irregular end making line, twist-off cap and PT cap making machinery have also been developed successfully. To meet the cost down requirement in the can making industry by reducing the tinplate thickness, tooling modification on various can making machinery has been processing.
We have contributed our effort for manufacturing of can making and food canning machinery for 50 years. Our products have exported to 70 countries worldwide. To meet the cost down and high speed production requirement, we endeavor to make high speed automatic whole sheet feeding CNC press with a corresponding lining machine. Based on the sprit of ISO9001 quality assurance system , all employees make effort to increase our product quality for can making industry.
To meet the requirement for Aerosol can making in thinner & harder tinplate, we successfully develop spin flow necker, flanger and twin seamers (four in one). Besides, transfer press with multiple dies for aerosol top end is also developed. Our airman Mr. Lin ,Chiu Hsiung and president T.Y. Chen asked for retirement on June, the board of director elect the directors Mr. Lin, Chiu Chin and Mr. H.H. Lin as new chairman and new president respectively this year.
To satisfy customer’s requirement of triple seaming for aerosol can, Shin-I successfully develops combination machine(Type : B100) with necking, flanging, bottom seaming, top triple seaming to improve the safety of aerosol gas can in use.
  1. Successfully develops lining machine(Type : D36A) with curling and drying oven for irregular end to save space and cost. The capacity is 400 ends per min.
  2. Responds to the development of new machine and deeper technical requirement at programming. Shin-I establishes the programming department to focus on coding and electronic circuit designing for new machine.
Updates all CE requirements at Shin-I machine to apply for CE third-party certification issued by a certification agency which is recognized by the EU.
To update our working shop, dispel some old machine tools and install new ones made in Japan and United States ,such as CNC Grinding machine, CNC Wire cut machine, CNC 5-axis Machining station, OM-NC Vertical Turning Lathe, YASDA-NC Machining Center., etc to keep the high quality of parts.
Due to the Corona Virus outbreak is very serious in the whole world, Shin-I successfully supports customers for installation, training and some technical issues via Internet conference and remote device to help customer independently and properly operate new machines or new production lines.
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