We have exported our service and products to over 70 countries worldwide. We keep expanding our market through internet marketing, magazine advertisement, exhibition, and customer interview. Besides, mutual communication with clients is necessary to understand the client’s real requirement so as to improve our products and service, maximize the client’s value, and grow up with our clients.

New Development

We keep developing new products to meet the requirement in the can industry and strengthening the function on the existing products. Sixteen working stations with IBM design software and hardware are incorporated in our design department. New design idea always comes out via model experiment, formula analysis and mutual experience discussion with the clients.

Parts Machining

Raw material is purchased based on the information on the client’s confirmed orders; of course, inspection is absolutely required on these material. Standard part machining and inspection procedure are introduced to ensure the quality of each part. All machine tools are managed well and maintained periodically to ensure each machine tool is always in good condition. New precise machine tool purchasing is always under evaluation. Except the precise machining capability in our workshop, there are over 50 qualified subcontractors nearby offering part machining accordingly.

Quality Control

Quality control department , equipped with various measurement equipments, inspect the quality of raw material and the parts under making based on standard procedure. Inspection on the assembled machines is also fulfilled thoroughly. All precise measurement equipments are maintain well and calibrated periodically to ensure each equipment is always in good condition. New quality measurement purchasing is always under evaluation.

Part Inventory

Finished parts are protected well and kept in the inventory. Computerized inventory management system is incorporated to control the inventory real situation; particularly, for the parts which are consumables and easy worn out to ensure quick delivery.

Machine Assembly

Well-trained engineers fulfill machine assembly professionally according to standard procedure and verified drawings. Precision measurement on the partial assembled machine is absolutely undertook and recorded so as to ensure the final machine quality. Highly-qualified electricians are qualified to build up the electric control system ,design control program and mechanical-electrical integration on each machine.


Packing department pack up the finished parts or machines to be standard carton box or wooden case so as to make sure they can be delivered safely to the client’s site.

After Sales Service

We are pleased tom send our well-trained engineers and technicians to the client’s site to install new machines and maintain existing machines, and instruct the personnel.

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