About Shin-I

Shin-I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. has been in business for more than sixty years starting from six employees, and 60 square meter factory plant. Up till now, we have more than 300 employees, and 16,550 square meter factory plant. We have always been down to earth, and devote ourselves to the canning machinery research and manufacturing. We have rooted the canned food industry for Taiwan as growing increasingly is the best witness.Shin-I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. initially begins manufacturing with die, semi-automatic canning machinery and mushroom processing machinery; further, developed into manufacturing a complete set of automatic canning machinery.After years of experience accumulated and own research and development, we are finally able to launch the high-speed automated canning machinery to solve a lot of problems for Taiwan canning industry.In recent years, Shin-I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. has been active in seeking technical improvements and equipment updates. For the rapid expansion of business needs, we strengthen the organization, enrich the research department, and introduce new technology and practical knowledge with a view to provide customers with better services. Shin-I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is willing to engage for better products and technology for the canning industry to devote ourselves to take a part of our country economic development.

TEL : +886-4-26238181 mail : contact@shinican.com.tw
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