S-D17A Semi Automatic Seamer is specially designed for irregular can losing. Operator put end on flanged can and put them on the lifter plate. Then, operator press the foot pedal to make lifter plate lift can up to touch chuck. Can is static while seaming head is turning. Four seaming rollers undertake seaming task. Seamed can is carried away by hands. A concise seaming head with adjustable chuck set, make seaming quality meet international standard. Each seaming arm is controlled by an individual seaming cam and a copy disc is to guide rollers turn accordingly. Lifter plate is driven by an air cylinder. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Machine TypeS-D17A
Range of Can Dia. 90 - 315 mm in Diagonal
Range of Can Height 60 - 350 mm
Capacity Per Min. Up to 15 Cans
Horse Power Required 3HP x 1
Compressed Air Required 4kg/cm2x 10L/Min.
Floor Space Overall Height 1000L x 960W x 2100H mm
Net Weight 1000 kgs


  1. Very sturdy manufacturing of machine flames suitable for irregular shape can seaming.
  2. Rolls and Chuck are made from alloy steel and harden treatment.
  3. Perfect products and built for long life.
  4. Clutch device enable the seaming head keep still if no can for seaming.
  5. Easy adjustment and quick for can size change over.
  6. With concise seaming head, each seaming roller is controlled by an individual seaming cam, easy for adjustment and maintenance.
  7. Equipped with auxiliary pneumatic cylinder for easy foot step.
  8. Two special pillar posts on lifter plate for five gallon square can for perfect seaming.
  9. Seaming chuck set is equipped with tiny twist adjustment device for better seam quality.
  10. One of the four seaming can function as curling roller for uncurled or bad curled lid.

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