S-A23L Manual Seamer is specially designed for round can closing. Operator put end on flanged can and put them on the lifter plate. Then, operator press a bottom lever to make lifter plate lift can up to touch chuck. Can is turned by turning chuck. Manual pushing required to make first and second seaming roller approach the chuck respectively. Seamed can is carried away by hands. Seam quality meet international standard. Simple structure , easy for operation and maintenance. This seamer is absolutely required for food canning laboratory.

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Machine TypeS-A23L
Range of Can Dia. 200 - 714 mm
Range of Can Height 40 - 280 mm
Capacity Per Min. Up to 5 CPM
Horse Power Required 1/2HP
Floor Space Overall Height 400L x 360W x 1050H mm
Net Weight 70 kgs


  1. With one 1st and one 2nd seaming rollers.
  2. Sturdy machine suitable for round containers making or canning.
  3. Rolls and Chuck are made from alloy steel and harden treatment.
  4. Suitable for lab or home canning.
  5. Portable design for plug and seaming.
  6. Easy adjustment and quick for can size change over.
  7. Recommend used in laboratory and can be put on the table for easy operation.

Layout Dimension

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