S-B10A-5 Automatic End Counter and Stacker is specially designed for small round end and is recommended to link with two sets of lining/drying machine S-B10A. Dried ends are guided by by two chutes to reach the top conveyor then enter collection channel. Ends enter counting station, a pair of separating knives and a sensor undertake counting and collecting task. Counted ends stay at hemisphere trough and then are pushed forward by a linear cylinder to reach the end of the said trough. Manually push is required to make ends enter a paper bag. Simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B10A-5
Range of End Dia. 200 - 404D
Capacity Per Min. Up to 700 Ends/min.
Horse Power Required 1/2HP x 1 , 1/4HP x 1
Compressed Air Required 3kg/cm2 x 10L/Min.
Floor Space Overall Height 2200 x 700 x 1550 mm
Net Weight 650 kgs


  1. Easy for end size changeover and build for long life using.
  2. Precise ends counting, quick for resetting and adjusting.
  3. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.
  4. Suitable for steel and aluminum ends counting and stacking.
  5. With PLC control system for ends auto stacking and counting operation.
  6. Equipped with inverter for variable speed control.
  7. Can be connected with two S-B10A drying ovens to save labor lost for normal food ends collection.
  8. For aerosol ends, two S-B10AP drying oven link to one S-B10A-5 is not recommended, S-B10A-6 is recommended for this purpose.
  9. Can be connected with one S-B10AL(P) or one S-B10RP.

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