S-B10ALL Automatic Lining- Drying Machine is specially designed for round end. Curled end is separated by a pair of separating knives at end magazine ; then feeding bars send it to lining station. End is lifted up by a turning chuck. A mechanical gun (or electronic gun) undertake the lining task to evenly spray compound along the end fringe. Lined ends are sent into drying oven directly by end feeding bars. Inside the drying oven , heating air is created and recycled by an electric heater and a blower. Ends are carried up through two transfer screws, turn over and are carried down by the other two transfer screws. Dried ends exit naturally from the bottom of the oven. With recycleable lubricating system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B10ALL
Range of Can Dia. 502 - 800 D
Capacity Per Min. Up to 120 pcs.
Horse Power Required and HeaterMain Motor 2HP x 1
Blower 1/2HP x 1
Heater 15KW
Floor Space Overall Height 1815 x 1100 x 3280 mm
Net Weight 1600 kgs


  1. With single nozzle for compound spray, easy to adjust the film volumn.
  2. Drying Oven is vertical design, hence save space.
  3. Safety devices provided to ensure M/C running safely.
  4. Auto temperature controller enable to adjust the best curing temperature.
  5. Easy adjustment and quick for can size change over.
  6. Mechanical lining gun equipped , Electric lining gun is available on request.
  7. Drying oven equipped with electric (resistance) heating system.
  8. Ends are lifted by eight screw posts in drying oven and carry out by a magnet conveyor.
  9. System for variable lower chuck speed control by an inverter is available on request.
  10. Recommended for Water base compound.

Layout Dimension

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