S-B110 Automatic Transfer Press specially designed to produce aerosol top end, spray lid and threaded oil end. It can be built for single lane or double lanes depending on end size. Max.number of the tooling can be 9 stations for each lane. Capacity can be 100~150 strokes per minute. Therefore, max.capacity can reach 300 pcs per minute. Material is fed into entrance screw type or magnet type separating unit via a conveyor. reciprocating end feeding system equipped with several clippers send end into tooling, An end pusher located at the upper tooling hold the end to let the clippers release the end. Then, upper tooling punch down to form the end. When upper tooling goes up to a certain position, clippers send the end to next station timely. When end is formed at the final station, end is pressed down by a pneumatic pusher to a discharge conveyor.

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Machine TypeS-B110
Range of Can Dia. 115D ~ 211D
Stroke per min. 100 ~ 150 SPM
Capacity per min. Up to 300 EPM
Quantity of Toolings max. 9 sets for each lane
Main motor 30 HP
Stroke of crankshaft 100 mm
Area of bolster 1000 x 600 mm
Caps outlet conveyor 1/4 HP x 2
Floor space overall height 3125L x 2055W x 2645H mm
Net weight (approx) about 12000 Kgs


  1. Use human-machine interface (touchable screen) control system and inverter for set up and variable speed control.
  2. Reciprocating end feeding system is driven by a cam for precise feeding.
  3. Multiple safety control ; for example, machine stop for low air pressure, lack of oil, jam at each station.
  4. Equipped with air brake clutch, safe and reliable.
  5. Tooling with pillar die set can be easily pushed into, easy changeover.
  6. Bushes on crankshaft are properly lubricated by an automatic grease pump.
  7. Two sets of air cushion cylinders located at upper side to balance the weight of rams and toolings.

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