S-B18D Automatic Double Dies Press is built for small can end stamping. Piled strips are lifted by a set of hydraulic cylinders then suck pads send strip one by one to strip feeding station. (also can link with Automatic Strip Feeder S-B18-2M). Reciprocating feeding bar at feeding station push strip into punch tooling. Formed can end is ejected out via. end kickers (or air blowing) to rear while strip scrap is ejected out by a pressing roller to side. Equipped with dual dies or four dies (for end smaller than 202D). Punch tooling is made of alloy steel; hence, sturdy for long life.

An automatic lubrication pump and multiple safety devices are equipped for easy maintenance and safe operation.

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Machine TypeS-B18D
Horse Power RequiredMain Motor 7.5HP
Hydraulic Pump 2HP
Vacuum Pump 1/2HP
Scrap Ejector 1/4HP
Air Compressor (Optional) 1/2HP
Range of Strip Length 510 - 915mm
Range of Strip Width 128 - 220mm
Max. Die Height 250mm
Floor Space Overall Height 2500 x 3610 x 1850 mm
Net Weight (approx.) 4800 kgs


  1. Strips lifting by hydraulic cylinder and use proximity switch for strips height control.
  2. With duplex switch for machine starting, safe and reliable
  3. With Air Clutch for power transmission, effective but low maintenance.
  4. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.
  5. Easy for can size changeover and adjust.
  6. Can be connected with automatic strip feeder model S-B18-2M to save labor cost.
  7. With two mechanical end kicker to eject formed ends out.
  8. Double sheet detector is equipped for safe strip feeding.

Layout Dimension

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