S-B1A Automatic Single Slitter is designed for long strip cutting and is recommended to link with Automatic Sheet Feeder S-B23B. Sheet is sent to feeding table, guided by flexible roller guiding bars, (driven by an air cylinder), and is fed into round cutters via one finger. The air cylinder is actuated by one sensor located at the entrance of cutters. With cutter shaft diameter 90mm(100mm), reliable mechanical clamping system. With simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B1A
Recommended Tinplate Size 500 x 500 - 1060 x 1060mm
Max. Tinplate Thickness 0.4 mm
Horse Power Required 2HP
Floor Space Overall Height 3000L x 1380W x 1030H mm
Net Weight 1100 kgs


  1. Big cutter shaft adopted to ensure strip dimension and squarness,90 mm dia. for B1A,100mm dia. for B1B.
  2. Simple design, easy maintenance and changeover for different can sizes.
  3. Equipped with mechanical clampling system for cutter hubs.
  4. Carbide cutters available on request.
  5. Special thin cutter hub for narrow strip (with width down to 50mm) cutting.

Layout Dimension

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