S-B26A(B) Automatic Scroll Shear is designed for zig zag shape strip cutting and is recommended to link with Automatic Sheet Feeder S-B23B. Sheet is sent to feeding table, guided by flexible roller side guide (or straight side guide). Two sets of round cutters trim two sheet sides. Trimmed sheet is precisely fed forward and sent into cutter blade set by fingers in two steps. Upper cutter set move up and down according to the guidance of a crank shaft. Suitable for straight sheet or pre-scrolled sheet cutting. With simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover. (S-B26B is equipped a sheet swing system at the entrance of cutter set to cut strip for single die stamping purpose.)

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Machine TypeS-B26AS-B26B
Capacity Per Minute 80 Strokes 60 Strokes
Tinplate Size 620 x 620 - 1060 x 1060mm
Max. Strip Width 200 mm 300 mm
Range of Sheet Thickness 0.17 - 0.40mm
Horse Power Required 5HP
Floor Space Overall Height 4090L x 1920W x 1837H mm
Net Weight 5200 kgs


  1. Blades are made of top quality tool steel, through strict heat treating compact and durable. Tungsten carbide blades are also available.
  2. Scroll shear blade formed by segments combination, easy to fix up.
  3. Side & front gauges adopted to ensure perpendicular & parallel cutting.
  4. Central lubrication system adopted for the essential sliding parts.
  5. Safety device makes running more smooth.
  6. Sheet guide and support are hard chrome plated or adopt nylon rollers to avoid scratch.
  7. Suitable for tinplate or aluminium, prescrolled or square, sheet shearing.
  8. S-B26B is equipped with sheet swing system at the entrance of cutter set, prescrolled sheet is absolutely required for this model.
  9. Two round cutters are incorporated to cut non-prescrolled sheet side so as to get accurate strip length.
  10. Generally, S-B26A cut strips for double die stamping while S-B26B for single die stamping.

Layout Dimension

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