Product Description

S-B2A 自動複式剪鐵機係針對罐身鐵皮裁剪設計之裁剪機,可與自動鐵皮送料機S-B23B連線始用。鐵皮送入第一道送料平台,經由附彈力之滾輪導軌導正後由一組推爪推入輪刀裁剪。長條鐵皮由搖擺桿支持後掉入第二道送料平台,再由附彈力之直邊導軌引導及兩組推爪推入輪刀裁剪。刀軸直徑90mm,採用新型夾緊式刀及鎢鋼刀片,與多重壓輪設計,裁剪平穩。簡單及多重安全設計,使維修保養容易且換型簡便快速。

S-B2A Automatic Gang Slitter is designed for can body blank cutting and is recommended to link with Automatic Sheet Feeder S-B23B. Sheet is sent to first feeding table, guided by flexible roller guiding bars and is fed into round cutters via one finger. Long strips are support by several swing bars then fall down to second feeding table by gravity. Strips are guided by flexible straight bar and are fed into round cutters via two fingers. With cutter shaft diameter 90mm, reliable mechanical clamping system. With simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B2A
Cutting Speed 600 mm/sec
Recommended Tinplate Size 500 x 710 - 1060 x 1060mm
Max. Tinplate Thickness 0.4 mm
Horse Power Required 3HP
Floor Space Overall Height 3900 x 3280 x 1330 mm
Net Weight 2100 kgs


  1. Diameter of cutter shaft is 90 mm.
  2. With front & side guages, makes precise right angles for both longitudinal and cross side of blank.
  3. Easy change over for different blank size.
  4. Dual-edge cutter blade adopted, hence reduce operation cost.
  5. Cutter material can be high speed steel (SKD11) or tungsten carbide as customer request.
  6. Cutter hub is tightly held on shaft by modern mechanical clamping system.
  7. Squareness deviation tolerance can reach 0.06mm per 100mm length.
  8. Special thin cutter hub for narrow strip ( with width down to 50mm ) cutting.
  9. With one double sheet detector.

Layout Dimension

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