S-B37SA Automatic Scrolled Strip Stacker is to link with Scroll Shear S-B26A(B) for scrolled strips collection. Scrolled strips are carried forward to collection tray by flat belts, then receiving forks gradually lower. When strips are piled up to preset height, forks promptly lower down to a roller table to transfer piled strips on a pallet. (At the same time, four small stoppers extrude out to temporarily support after coming strips), then pallet gradually move forward. Forks lift up immediately for second strip stack collection. Strips are collected one stack by one stack on pallet. Finally, filled pallet is to be removed by fork lift. With simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B37SA
Range of Strip Length 760 - 1065 mm
Range of Strip Width 115 - 300 mm
Capacity Per Minute 80 Strips
Compressed Air Required 3 BAR x 10L/Min.
Horse Power Required 1/2HP x 2 , 1/4HP x 1
Floor Space Overall Height 2900 x 1950 x 1600 mm
Net Weight 1050 kgs


  1. Easy for can size changeover and adjust.
  2. Strips guide with hard chromium plating.
  3. Multi safety design for machine and personnel safety.
  4. With PLC control system for strips automatic piling process.
  5. Gravity design for strips stack, suitable for steel and aluminum sheet.
  6. Piled strips can be fed to S-B18-2(M) auto strip feeder for ends line auto making.
  7. Connected with scroll shear S-B26A or S-B26B(L).
  8. A special design robot strip feeding cart is available on request for one S-B37SA and two or three S-B18-2(M) operation.

Layout Dimension

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