S-B40L(LL) Automatic Assembly Unit is specially designed for milk powder can top end making. Ring ends and central lids are piled up at two end magazines. Ring end and lid is combined together at first stage and recombined with aluminium membrane at second stage. A complete roll of aluminium membrane is positioned at feeding unit and is gradually fed into assembly station by a pusher. Aluminium membrane is cut round by a pair of cutters and is pushed properly into curl area of ring end. Composite ends are lifted up and ejected by a lower plate. Simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B40LS-B40LL
Range of Can Dia. 401 - 603 D 603 - 714 D
Capacity Per Min. Up to 80 Cpm Up to 60 Cpm
Thickness of Foil 0.05 - 0.10 mm
Horse Power Required 2HP x 1 , 1/4HP x 1 3HP x 1 , 1/4HP x 1
Compressed Air Required 3kg/cm2x 50L/Min.
Floor Space Overall Height 1700 x 1214 x 1650 mm 2100 x 1500 x 1700 mm
Net Weight 1000 kgs 1250 kgs


  1. Easy for can size changeover and adjust.
  2. Cover guide with hard chromium plating.
  3. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.
  4. With foil skeleton rewind equipment for used foil scrap collecting.
  5. With foil auto lubricating unit to prevent the formed membrance from breaking.
  6. Auto oil pump for main operating cam and bearings lubrication.

Layout Dimension

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