S-B45 Automatic 6H Seamer is specially designed for round empty or food canclosing. Flanged (or filled ) can is fed forward through a timing screw and a chain toenter seaming station equipped with 6 sets of seaming spindle. Turning lifter plate liftcan up to meet with end . Two seaming rollers undertake seaming operation. Cam driven knock out pad release the seamed can from chuck and seamed can is carried out by a turret. Seam quality meet international standard. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Machine TypeS-B45
Range of Can Dia. 200 - 401D
Range of Can Height 42 - 180 mmH
Capacity Per Min. Up to 600 Cans
Horse Power Required 7.5HP 或 10HP 連結加湯機
Floor Space Overall Height 2850 x 1160 x 2000 mm
Net Weight 2800 kgs


  1. No can No cover system and low cover stacking detecting.
  2. Electrical inverter system for infinitely variable speed control.
  3. Operational safety controls are built for long life.
  4. Can guide and Turrent with chromium plating or stainless steel material.
  5. Available choice of lid marker, steam flow, under cover gassing as optional selection.
  6. Equipped wth driven spin lifter plates.

Layout Dimension

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