S-B57PB(C) Vertical Air Tester is specially designed for aerosol can. With special detection elements to get an excellent detecting performance, even small pinhole can be detected easily. Empty can is lifted up by cam to enter upper detection sleeve and to be lifted up and held by claws then fill high compressed air (8-10 kg/cm2) into can. Certain time later, an electronic precise pressure sensor is to detect mini pressure variation in the sleeve remnant space (can outside space), Non-conforming can is ejected out by air blowing. With vertical inlet/outlet conveyor , easy to link and work with seamer. Machine use air cylinders as working elements, easy for can size changeover, no need to adjust anything for just can height difference.

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Machine TypeS-B57PB(18H)S-B57PC(36H)
Range of Can Dia. 115 - 211 D
Range of Can Height 80 - 330 mmH
Detectable Leak 2~3 cc/min. / 0.8~1 Mpa ; depending on can size and speed
Volume Air Required 0.9Mpa - 30HP 0.9Mpa - 50HP
Capacity Per Min. 60 - 150 CPM ; depending on can size 120 - 300 CPM ; depending on can size
Horse Power Required 2HP x 1 ; 1/4HP x 1 5HP x 1 ; 1/4HP x 1
Floor Space Overall Height 3820L x 2750W x 2670H mm 4720L x 3650W x 2670H mm
Net Weight 35000 kgs 5200 kgs


  1. Vertical design and reliable in leakage testing, small pin hole can easily be detected (detection capability depends on can size and speed).
  2. Air cylinder design, auto fit can height changing and maintenance free.
  3. Use human-machine interface (touchable monitor) control system and inverter for setup and variable speed control.
  4. Can guide and Turrets with hard chromium plating or Nylon material.
  5. Full automatic control system for canmaking line requirement.
  6. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.

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