S-B80A Automatic Seamer is specially designed for square can closing. Flanged can is fed forward through a belt conveyor, top and low tiny stoppers driven by air cylinders work together with two pushers to send can into index seaming turret. A positioning pusher properly holds the can on the turret , end is separated by four knives and is fed forward into seaming turret by a reciprocating pusher. Lifter plate lifts can up to chuck and a concise seaming head with four seaming rollers undertakes seaming operation. Cam driven knock out pad release the seamed can from chuck and seamed can is pushed out by a lever. Seam quality meet international standard. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Machine TypeS-B80A
Range of Can Dia. 70 - 250 mm
Range of Can Height 60 - 400 mm
Capacity Per Min. Up to 60 cpm
Horse Power Required 5HP *1
Floor Space Overall Height 1940L x 1650W x 2550H mm
Net Weight 2600 kgs


  1. Operational safety controls are built for long life.
  2. Equipped wth driven spin lifter plates.
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