S-B93 Automatic Vertical Spin Flow Necker, Flanger with Twin Seamers is specially designed for aerosol can, vertical design is easily linked and worked together with other machines. On station 1 and 2, spin flow system is introduced to easily neck and flange can cylinders made of hard DR tinplate for free wrinkle. On station 3 and 4, bottom end and top end is to be closed by seaming rollers and chucks. Top end and bottom end are fed into seaming system from top through conveyors and two end magazines with two knives each set. Both side seamed can is carried away by a turret. With recycleable centralized lubricating system to lubricate top and bottom transmission system, easy for maintenance.



Machine TypeS-B93
Model Type 6H
Range of Can Dia. 45 - 73 D
Range of Can Height 65 - 340 mmH
Capacity Per Min. Up to 400 CPM
Horse Power Required 20HP x 1 , 5HP x 4 , 2HP x 1 , 1/2HP x 3
Floor Space Overall Height 7410L x 4380W x 3040H mm
Net Weight 13000 kgs


  1. Spin flow system suitable for hard and thin tinplate.
  2. Vertical four stations in one design easy to connect with other machines.
  3. Recycleable central control lubricating system.
  4. Use human-machine interface (touchable screen) control system and inverter for set up and variable speed control.
  5. Can guide and Turrets with hard chromium plating or Nylon material.
  6. Full Automatic Control system for Can making line requirement.
  7. Can height adjustment driven by motors, a digital ruler is introduced, easy for changeover.
  8. Can body turning speed is adjustable on each station to get excellent performance.
  9. Each end magazine is equipped with twin spiral separating knives.
  10. Ground level two lane end feeding system to save manpower.
  11. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.

Layout Dimension

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