S-B9AC(L,LL) Automatic Curling Machine is designed to inward curl the end fringe on round end. End punched by a press is delivered by a chute or a conveyor into the curling machine. A turning curling disc and a set of fixed curling segment curl the end fringe gradually. A central support ring is to support the end while it is being curled so as to avoid deformation. Simple structure, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Range of Can Dia. 200 - 401 D 401 - 603 D 603 - 800 D
Capacity Per Min. Up to 250 Ends Up to 150 Ends Up to 120 Ends
Horse Power Required 1/4 HP
Floor Space Overall Height 1540 x 740 x 800 mm 1660 x 860 x 800 mm 1660 x 1075 x 800 mm
Net Weight (approx.) 150 kgs 180 kgs 230 kgs


  1. Tooling is made from special alloy steel and harden treatment.
  2. End guide with stainless steel or polish treatment.
  3. Easy adjustment and quickly for changeover.
  4. Can connect with conveyor to linning and drying M/C to reduce labor cost.
  5. Perfect products and buit for long life satisfy the requirement of can making.
  6. Can be used for aerosol cone/dome curling.
  7. Nine piece outer segments is equipped for each wheel.
  8. With non-motorized end guide inlet chute.
  9. More inward curl on cap can be done by S-B14C

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