S-C25A Automatic Irregular Can Vacuum Seamer is specially designed for irregular can closing under vacuum . Filled can is fed forward through a timing screw and a chain to enter a pocket of vacuum turret, with eight pockets, in vacuum seaming station then meet with end. Lifter plate lift can up into vacuum chamber. Four seaming rollers undertake seaming operation. A concise seaming head with adjustable chuck set, make seaming quality meet international standard. Each seaming arm is controlled by an individual seaming cam and a copy disc is to guide rollers turn accordingly. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Machine TypeS-C25A
Range of Can Dia. 45 - 100mm length, width
Range of Can Height 20 - 100 mm
Maximun can diagonal Up to 130 mm
No. of pocket on vacuum turret 8
Capacity Per Min. Up to 60 cpm, depending on can shape, size
Main Motor 3HP x 1
Vacuum pump 7.5HP x 1
Floor Space Overall Height 2847L x 2062W x 2200H mm
Net Weight (approx) 2200 kgs


  1. Seaming rolls movement is cam operated, hence makes seam seven perfect.
  2. Easy accessibility for maintenance.
  3. Simple mechanism and easy to operate.
  4. Wild range for different can sizes shapes.
  5. Special design for irregular filled can seaming.
  6. With mechanical knock-out pad, driven by a cam.
  7. Seaming chuck set is equipped with tiny twist adjustment device for better seam quality.
  8. One of the four seaming can function as curling roller for uncurled or bad curled lid.
  9. All parts contact with can/lid are made of stainless steel or bronze.

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