S-C7-6(12)Automatic Liquid Filler is specially designed for round can liquid filling. Empty cans are carried into lifter plate via a timing screw and a turret. Lifter plate is lifted up by a lower cam to lift can to press the filling valve. Filling valve is to be pressed to open then fill liquid into can by gravity force. Air releases from can through a vent. Filled cans are carried out by a discharge turret and chain to approach a seamer. Liquid level in tank is controlled by sensor bars and a solenoid valve. With six (twelve) sets of filling valve, steady filling volume. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Machine TypeS-C7-6S-C7-12
Filling Valves 6 SETS 12 SETS
Range of Can Dia. 202 - 401 D
Range of Can Height 55 - 166mm 50 - 130mm
Dia. of Liquid Tank 500 x 300H 700 x 300H
Volume of Liquid Tank 15 GAL 27 GAL
Capacity Per Min. Up to 65 Cpm Up to 120 Cpm
Floor Space Overall Height 1700L x 800W x 2200H mm 1700L x 1000W x 2200H mm
Net Weight 650 kgs 1100 kgs


  1. Uniform filling volume within 1mm head space.
  2. Suitable for fruit juice with sac.
  3. Filling valves and liquid tank are made of SUS 316.
  4. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Quick changeover for different can sizes.
  6. Liquid filled by gravity force.
  7. All parts contact with can/lid are made of stainless steel or bronze.

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