S-D28 Automatic Can Body Drawing Machine is built for two piece can drawing. Shallow cups are fed into by two belt conveyors , two reciprocating feeding arms in the side feeding system precisely push and position cups into drawing toolings. Formed can bodies are ejected out via. air blowing to rear. Equipped with twin sets of punch tooling. Drawing toolings are made of alloy steel or tungsten carbide ; besides, air cushion system is incorporated. Hence, sturdy for long life. An automatic lubrication pump and multiple safety devices are equipped for easy maintenance and safe operation.

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Machine TypeS-D28
Range of Can Dia. 55 - 86 D
Maximun Can Height Up to 56 mm
Length of Stroke 180 mm
Max. Die Height 250mm
Capacity Per Min. Up to 100 Cpm
Horse Power Required 15 HP
Floor Space Overall Height 2500L x 3610W x 1850H mm
Net Weight (approx.) 4800 kgs


  1. Can connect with conveyor to auto press to reduce labor cost.
  2. With Air Cylinder for clutch actuating, effective but low maintenance.
  3. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.
  4. Perfect products and built for long life, satisfy the requirement of can making.
  5. Easy for can size changeover and adjust.
  6. Can be equipped with one or two set of drawing tooling.
  7. 2 pices DRD can also can be formed by two separate drawing procedure.
  8. Hydraulic overload detecting system incorporated inside the screw ball set.
  9. Formed can is blowed out by air accurately.

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