S-D29 Automatic Twist-Off Cap Forming and Lining Machine is designed for the knurls forming and sealing compound spraying on twist-off cap. Pre-curled cap is carried into via a magnetic conveyor to enter an index turret. Cap is lifted up by a lifter plate to enter complete curling mold then is carried again by index turret to next station. Cap is lifted again by a lifter plate to enter knurl forming mold. Knurl forming fingers are extruded out through a mechanical cam pressing to create several knurls on the curled area. Index turret carry cap to lining station. A set of electronic lining gun undertake compound spraying task. Then, lined cap is turned by a disc to evenly spray compound on the cap. Compound can be distributed along cap fringe circumference or cap whole round surface. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.

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Machine TypeS-D29
Range of Can Dia. Φ30 - 85mm
Range of Cap Height 10 - 20mm
Tinplate Specufications T3 - T4
Capacity Per Min. Up to 200 cpm
Horse Power Required 3HP x 1; 1/2HP x 1; 1/4HP x 2; 90KW x 2
Floor Space Overall Height 1800 x 2700 x 1610 mm
Net Weight 950 kgs


  1. Very sturdy structure of machine, suitable for most of cap production.
  2. With inverter for output and automatic control, easy for full line connection.
  3. Mounted with auto lubricating system, simolify greasing and maintenance.
  4. Easy for cap size changeover and adjustment.
  5. Use Sensor for No Cap No lining control.
  6. All parts contacting the caps are made of stainless steel or being hard chromium plated.
  7. Easy changeover between ring lining and whole inner area spray.
  8. Equipped with electric linning gun.

Layout Dimension

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