S-B89 Automatic High Speed Rotary Lining Machine is specially designed for high speed production for small round end. Curled end is separated by a pair of spiral separating knives at end magazine; then feeding turret send it into lining station. End is lifted up by a turning chuck and well positioned by a turret. Multiple sets electronic lining guns undertake the lining task to evenly spray compound along the end fringe. Lined ends are transferred by a turret and ejected out via an air blowing guide. Sealing compound is pumped into top central tank from a ground tank via a pump and the control by the level control bars inside the central tank. With recycleable lubricating system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B89
Model Type 4H 6H 8H
Range of Can Dia. 113 - 401 D 113 - 301 D
Capacity Per Min. up to 1000 EPM up to 1500 EPM up to 2000 EPM
Main Motor 5HP x 1
Lower chuck motor 3HP x 1 5HP x 1
Floor Space Overall Height 2640L x 2020W x 1900H mm
Net Weight 2650 Kgs


  1. Twin spiral separating knives, reliable separating and reduce scratch.
  2. Floating separating knives housing can float up if any end jam during separating to stop machine.
  3. Electronic lining guns to guarantee perfect compound spray and distribution.
  4. Five detecting bars inside top central tank to control compound level.
  5. Lower chuck speed is adjustable to optimize compound spray and distribution.

Layout Dimension

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