S-B34(M) Automatic Gang Slitter is designed for can body blank cutting and is recommended to link with Automatic Sheet Feeder S-B23B. Sheet is sent to first feeding table, guided by a pair of flexible roller guiding bars and is fed into round cutters via two fingers. Long strips are support by several swing bars (or magnetic belts) then fall down to second feeding table by gravity. Strips are guided by a pair of flexible straight bars and are fed into round cutters via two fingers. With cutter shaft diameter 110mm, reliable mechanical clamping system and tungsten carbide cutter blades, make squareness precise can reach +/- 0.04mm. Number of cutter set can be easily added or removed through main frame side hole. With simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-B34S-B34M
Max. Tinplate Thickness 0.4mm
Capacity Per Minute 30 Sheets per minute
Compressed Air Required 3kg/cm2 x 20L/Min.
Horse Power Required 3HP
Floor Space Overall Height 3240 x 2340 x 1150 mm
Net Weight 2000 kgs


  1. With clamping hub and carbide cutter, easy for size changeover and running accuracy.
  2. Double feeding dogs and push fingers design for squareness adjusting.
  3. Removable shafts bearing hub easy for cutters to remove or add.
  4. With splite draw ring, easy to add or remove.
  5. Variable speed control to match the can body production requirement.
  6. Cutter material is tungsten carbide.
  7. Cutter hub is tightly held on shaft by modern mechanical clamping system.
  8. Diameter of main cutter shaft is 110 mm.
  9. Squareness deviation tolerance can reach 0.04mm per 100mm length.
  10. B34M with several magnetic conveyors is recommended for wider strip (for big can) comes from 1st operation.
  11. With two double sheet detectors to guarantee safe operation.

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