S-D32 Automatic Irregular End Curling Machine with vertical design is easily linked and work together with automatic lining machine. Uncurled end (tin or aluminium end) is carried by a timing screw and a turret. Curl is formed by a chuck and a curling roller. Equipped with four chucks and four curling rollers. End turn and is supported by a chuck and a curved pressing guide. Curling roller is guided by a cam to approach the end fringe. Curled end is sucked away by a suction pad and released on a discharge belt. With recycleable centralized lubricating system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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Machine TypeS-D32
Range of Can Dia. 59 x 70 - 110 x 165 mm
Capacity Per Min. Up to 250 Ends
Horse Power Required 3 HP
Floor Space Overall Height 3350L x 1550W x 1700H mm
Net Weight (approx.) 2750 kgs


  1. Tooling is made of special alloy steel and be heat treated.
  2. Suitable for tin or aluminium end curling.
  3. End fringe is all-round curled , good for seaming.
  4. End curl is formed by a curling roller, easy to adjust curl dimension.
  5. Use human-machine interface (touchable screen) control system and inverter for set up and variable speed control.
  6. End guide and transfer screws are hard chromium plated.
  7. Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.
  8. Curl dimension can be changed by adjusting curling roller.

Layout Dimension

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