S-B91 Automatic CNC sheet feeding scroll shear equipped with three axis synchronized movement is suitable for tin or aluminum pre-scrolled sheet secondary scroll cutting. Reliable linear servo motors, electronic cam control system are incorporated. Programmable integrated sheet take-over system can get precise sheet feeding. In the sheet feeder S-B23BH, sheet is separated by separating device then is fed by vacuum pads into CNC feeding table. Sheet is carried forward via rubber rollers and is positioned well by a suction pad then Y1 and Y2 axis take turns to clip the sheet and carry the sheet to cutting area. Scrolled strips are ejected out by servo motor controlled rubber rollers and conveyor.

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Machine TypeS-B91
Capacity Per Minute Up to 140 strokes
Tinplate Size 700 x 1067 - 750 x 1067 mm
Main Motor 7.5HP X 4P
Rolling Motor 1/8HP X 4P
Strip Discharge Conveyor Motor 1HP X 4P
Stroke of Ram 60 mm
Floor Space Overall Height 4260L x 3430W x 2010H mm
Net Weight 6450 kgs


  1. Human-machine interface (15" touchable screen) acts as a main control unit.
  2. Movement orbit generate and download automatically, easy for different strip size parameters set up.
  3. With reliable linear servo motors to reduce the inertia at high speed.
  4. Multiple safety control; for example, machine stop for low air pressurelack of oil.
  5. Equipped with air brake clutch and double sheet detector, safe and reliable.
  6. Bushes on crankshaft are properly lubricated by an automatic grease pump.
  7. Two sets of air cushion cylinders located at upper side to balance the weight of rams and tooling.
  8. Timing for strip ejection rubber rollers is properly controlled by a servo motor, precise and certain.
  9. Suitable for pre-scrolled tin /aluminum sheet.

Layout Dimension

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